The Community Energy Coalition

Community Energy Fortnight 2018

The annual Community Energy Fortnight is a platform to showcase inspiring examples of communities who are sharing their resources and generating renewable energy and wasting less - embracing technologies as diverse as solar-PV arrays, wind turbines, hydro-electricity and biomass heat.

Community Energy Fortnight is again linking up with The Climate Coalition's Speak Up Week of Action which is this year calling for the UK’s Climate Change Act to be strengthened to match the ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement and see the UK be carbon neutral by 2050. This is a goal we are sure everyone can get behind and many people reading this are already contributing towards. So from 23 June - 8 July, we will be celebrating the energised communities who are actively reducing carbon emissions and helping people in their communities at the same time. The fight against climate change is people powered!

The Climate Coalition have created some fantastic resources including top tips for your event and templates you can use for inviting your MP and local media.

We already have some great events lined up, but want as many event organisers as possible to make this year's celebration happen. If you are planning to organise an event, please fill in this form or email For resources and inspirational ideas for your event, check our event pack. For inspiration, see our review of what happened at CEF17 and have a look at all the events that took place.

Co-op Energy is again showing unwavering support for community energy by generously sponsoring CEF18. We are thankful for Co-op Energy's generous support, that allows us to make this happen

Let's make 2018 the year of energised communities!

Community Energy Fortnight is coordinated by Community Energy England on behalf of the Community Energy Coalition. 

Generating and saving energy together for the benefit of all.

Energy is such a vital part of our lives, and yet we have next to no say in how it is generated, how much it costs us or where it comes from. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

From the Scottish Highlands to the Devonshire shores, people across the breadth of Britain are already coming together to change the way we think about the energy system and their relationship with it.

The Community Energy Coalition is a group of trusted and influential civic society organisations and sustainable energy experts, working to help enable communities take control of their energy. Explore the site to find out more about who we are.