Community Energy Fortnight 2019

The annual Community Energy Fortnight is a platform to showcase inspiring examples of communities who are sharing their resources and generating renewable energy and wasting less - embracing technologies as diverse as solar-PV arrays, wind turbines, hydro-electricity and biomass heat.

From 22 June - 7 July, we will be celebrating the communities who are actively reducing carbon emissions and helping people in their communities at the same time. The fight against climate change is people powered! Watch this space for more info soon!

Co-op Energy is again showing unwavering support for community energy by generously sponsoring CEF19. We are thankful for Co-op Energy's generous support, that allows us to make this happen

Community Energy Fortnight is coordinated by Community Energy England on behalf of the Community Energy Coalition. 

The Community Energy Coalition is a group of trusted and influential civic society organisations and sustainable energy experts, working to help enable communities take control of their energy. Explore the site to find out more about who we are.