The British Energy Challenge: Manchester

6 Sep 13
North West
Manchester Town Hall
Energy type:
Energy efficiency
Event type:
Conference, Other
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.
We are currently faced with the challenge of moving towards low carbon energy, to meet the 80% emissions cut target by 2050. How we approach this challenge will affect our daily lives, from energy bills to the landscape in which we live and work.
The British Energy Challenge will be coming to Manchester Town Hall on 6 September between 10am - 4pm. With around 40 exhibitors demonstrating the energy challenge, it is an invaluable chance to see to the opportunities it will give rise to, and what these will mean to the consumer. 
A debate hosted by DECC’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor David Mackay, and climate change author, Mark Lynas will follow the exhibition, which will tailor a unique Manchester pathway to a carbon free future. Using the 2050 Pathways Calculator they will bring to life the relation between supply, demand and emissions, and how those choices will fit into the bigger picture.
Further events will be in Newcastle on 20 September and Bristol on 10 October. For further information please email
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