Cilcain Showcases Community Energy

26 Aug 13
Cilcain, Near Mold, Flintshire
Energy type:
Anaerobic digestion, Energy efficiency, Hydro
Event type:
Open day
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.

Keep Cilcain Cosy is a group of residents and local energy enthusiasts who live on the edge of the Clwyd Hills AONB in Flintshire, North Wales. Our purpose is to help residents save money, reduce their carbon emissions, become more energy independent, have fun and get people talking! 

The group is raising awareness of energy efficiency and low carbon forms of generating energy at their annual village show to be held on August 26th.

We will be creating quite a splash with our home made hydro-demonstration - to show how energy can be generated from water flow, and height! We are hoping that energetic children will be on hand to pump water up to our mock 'reservoir', ready to release it to turn a small water wheel, and generate 4 watts to power a string of LED lights.

The local area has potential for micro hydro schemes that could provide a focus for a community investment project in future.

Over a period of 12 months the group have amassed a series of case studies from local residents on energy saving projects, which will be showcased at the event.

Prior to the event the village residents are being asked to celebrate their own achievements and submit the best energy saving idea that they have tried. We will also be asking the people that visit our stand at the show to let us know what they think about an energy scheme that could benefit the whole community, to test levels of interest in community investment.

We will also be showcasing anaerobic digestion, another potential source of renewable heat and electricity in a predominantly rural community, by inviting Fre-energy to exhibit at our stand.

The Keep Cilcain Cosy group have been meeting for over a year, and one of the aims of the group was to meet people and have fun. The group have been visiting all kinds of demonstration projects this year including anaerobic digestion at Fre-Energy in Holt, Tata Steel to discover their new innovations in building fabric technology and a local Eco-house.

We hope that the exhibits at this years show will whet the appetite of local residents and visitors alike, and catalyse discussions in the village about a future community investment scheme.

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