Community Energy Project Tour

5 Jun 18
5:30pm to 6:15pm
East of England and Midlands
The Community Hub, Apartment Building, Flat 1, Portside Street, NG2 4DN, Nottingham
Event type:
Project SCENe
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.
This event offers sign-up for a tour of an exciting new energy project in the UK. The project has already received high-level attention and been featured on BBC news. The tour is limited to 25 persons and pre-booking is advised. The tour covers the most exciting parts of the Trent Basin project and will run as follows:
1. Meet at the Community Hub for an introduction to the project's ethos and the overview;
2. A tour of a new Solar PV array - includes the PV panels, weather station and inverters;
3. Tour of the new battery facility - The largest community energy battery in Europe (Tesla, 2.1 MWh);
4. Showing how this interconnect with the local and national-grids and the benefit of this model; 
5. Community building and energy behaviour methods - smart technology at home and in the community.
For more information contact Dr. Lewis Cameron at or call  +44 (0)115 7486 029.
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