Community Energy Question Time

10 Sep 15
6:00pm to 8:00pm
North West
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Cheshire West and Chester Council
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.

Cheshire West and Chester Council are currently developing support for communities interested in renewable energy generation, and are keen to make the environmental, social and financial benefits accessible to all.  We know starting a Community Energy project can be a daunting prospect.  Sometimes you just need a straight answer, but it’s not always easy to get one!  Community Energy Question Time is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  Come and ask us anything and everything there is to know about Community Energy, and we will do our very best to answer.  No commitments, no obligations; just a chance to satisfy, once and for all, those burning questions at the back of your mind.  The leading role of Mr. Dimbleby will be filled by our very own Peter Bulmer.  Panel members will include George Ablett (Energy & Carbon Reduction Officer), a Planning Officer, Roy Alexander (Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral) and Peter Owen (Energy Projects Plus).  It promises to be an interesting night!

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