Energy Garden Community Bond Launch

6 Jun 18
Museum of London,150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN
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Energy Garden
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.
Come and enjoy Energy Garden fruits and veggies and chat with our partners and experts about becoming a member of the Energy Garden Community Benefit Society. Become a member from £50 upwards, and this money will be used to generate an income from solar panels to fund the project for 20 years.
Come join us to celebrate your accomplishments. So far Energy Garden has:
Transformed 100's of square meters of rail side tracks on 30 stations into food production
Engaged 67 Community Groups in our well being programme
Created biodiversity refuges for hedgehogs, bats, bees and birds
Established the first air quality monitoring programme on TfL Overground
Provided a paid accredited training programme for 10 young people
Educated over 1500 school children in 37 schools
...and share ideas on where to go next!
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