Micro-Generation at Home Course

13 Jul 18
9:30am to 4:00pm
Betws Bledrws, Lampeter, Ceredigion SA48 8PB
Event type:
Activity, Workshop
Denmark Farm Conservation Centre
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.
A one day course exploring the Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals of Micro-Generation designed for people with a desire to implement practical micro-generation systems or those who wish to improve their knowledge of the fundamental principals behind such systems.
This course will be lead by Richard Bambrey BA MPhil. A member of the Institute of Physics and a Chartered Physicist
We will be covering the basic principles including the fundamentals of electricity and the electronics required to understand and implement small-scale generation based on rotational generators (suitable for connection to windmills, waterwheels etc.). Course notes will be supplied.
The course will be mainly theoretical and cover the following topics:
-What is Electricity, Voltage, Current, Power?
-What is meant by AC and DC
-Understanding Insulators, Conductors, Semi-conductors
-Discrete electronic components
-Resistors and resistance
-The diode, its behaviour and uses
-The transistor, its behaviour and uses
-How can electricity be generated?
-Brief overview of various generation methods
-Photo-voltaic, Thermo-voltaic, Fuel cells (electro-chemistry), Other more esoteric (Bio-electro generation, microbial fuel cell.)
-Magnetic induction, Permanent magnets, Electro magnets
-Pros and cons of the above with respect to home built Micro-Generation


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