Open Eco Homes

14 Sep 14
East of England and Midlands
Around Cambridge
Energy type:
Biomass, Energy efficiency, Solar, Other
Event type:
Open day
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.

Open Eco Homes has 18 inspiring Cambridge-area low-energy homes open to visit on Sun14th and Sat 20th September.

Householders will show you their homes and explain how they save energy and in many cases generate it too. This year’s homes are listed here, with previous open homes and their case studies here.

Along with lots of energy-saving measures from low-cost, DIY to major professional projects, there will be low-carbon energy technologies on display, including:

·         solar thermal & PV

·         micro combined heat and power

·         air-souce heat pumps

·         wood-burning stoves


Most visitors are inspired to make home energy improvements themselves, cutting their energy bills and carbon emissions.

5 Follow-up events will give practical information on turning inspiration into real energy-savings.

Go to to plan and book your visits.

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