Osney Lock Hydro Open Day

18 Jun 18
6:00pm to 6:45pm
South East
Osney Lock, East Street, Osney, Oxford
Event type:
Open day
Osney Lock Hydro
This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.

Situated next to Osney Lock in the heart of Oxford, Osney Lock Hydro is the first community owned hydro built on the Thames. The hydro uses a reverse Archimedean screw to turn the power of the river into electricity. The roof of the building also incorporates transparent solar panels, maximising the generation capacity of the site. In total, our predicted annual generation is 186,000 kWh - equivalent to the power used by around 56 homes.

Osney Lock Hydro is an entirely voluntary run organisation and is owned by its 200 Members, who between them invested £640,000 to build the generation project.
Profits from the scheme will be used to support further local environmental projects. In total we hope to provide over £2 million support during the lifetime of the project.Looking forward, we would like to use the hydro platform from which to tell the story of our river, from which people can learn about renewable energy generation and explore the social and industrial heritage of our community.
The site is currently open to visitors by appointment only. Please note that the site is open on one side to the river bank and has rough terrain. Children aged 8 and over are welcome to attend but must be under the close supervision of an adult.
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