Small is...Festival

10 Sep 16
(All day)
CAT Wales
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Small Is..Festival
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The Small is...Festival is a celebration of sustainable ideas influenced by E.F. Schumacher's seminal work 'Small Is Beautiful'. The festival combines practical workshops, hard-hitting debates and inspiring talks from leading minds in engineering, sustainability and social change, with an innovative artistic programme responding to and challenging festival content.

Carefully curated content will allow students, artists, academics and the general public to collaboratively explore the role of technology and art in building a sustainable future.

In light of recent political developments, the theme for 2016 will be as follows:

‘Does the UK’s vote to withdraw from the EU tell us that human scale change must be achieved at the local level or should we redouble our efforts to form new international partnerships?’

Featuring music, workshops, and keynote speeches from

  • Natalie Bennett, (by then) ex-leader of the Green Party. 
  • Paul Smith Lomas, Practical Action’s International Director
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