Tour of Stockport and Torrs Hydros

31 Aug 13
North West
Stockport Town Hall
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This is a past event, you can no longer book tickets.
Join us for a day of activities including tours of community owned hydro electric schemes in Stockport and New Mills. A coach leaves Stockport Town Hall at 10am to visit Stockport Hydro. From there we will go onto Stockport Masonic Guildhall, 169-171 Wellington Road, SK1 3UA for a lunch reception and energy saving workshops (starts 12 noon). Finally, we''ll visit Torrs Hydro in New Mills for a tour and refreshments (starts 3pm). The coach will leave to return to Stockport Town Hall at 5.00pm. 
Please feel free to join us at any point during the day. 
Stockport Hydro is a renewable energy scheme at Otterspool Wier on the river Goyt near Marple, Stockport. It has been up and running since October 2012. In addition to contributing to a reduced carbon footprint, Stockport Hydro hope in future years to be able to generate surplus funds, allowing them to support and contribute to a range of other community projects.  With two Archimedes screws, which can operate independently and at variable speeds, they  have been able to generate power even at times of low water levels: a first, we believe, for schemes such as this. 
Torrs Hydro is an example of the power of communities to take action and begin to address the challenges that climate change presents to us all.   They are a community owned and community funded organisation.  Their reverse Archimedes screw turbine (known as Archie) is designed to produce around 240 000 kWh of electricity over a typical year.  This is the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of around 50 typical British homes and saves over 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to conventional electricity generation.  Archie has been producing power since September 2008 and has now passed the 700,000 kWh (700 MWh) mark.
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